Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DAN GORDON: How blessed I am

Today was  my last day in uniform, this time around as a Sar El Volunteer, temporarily attached to  the Military Spokesperson Unit. 

I am out of uniform now, and feel, already, less than what I was because of it, just a few short hours ago.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be able to serve during almost fifty days of war, almost all of it spent on the Gaza border, plus another week during the ceasefire, during which time I liaised with a film crew making a documentary about the war, and penned these reflections to an audience beyond my wildest hopes and expectations. 

That is over now for the time being. I hope the cease fire holds. But like all of us I am under no illusions about the nature of Hamas.

Thus, these reflections are not those of a member of the Military Spokesperson Unit, nor even those of a Sar El volunteer. 

These are Joe Six pack musings, but a Joe Six pack tempered by war, uncertain peace, and the certain knowledge that Jew hatred is cool once again in parts of  Europe, and amongst certain circles in the rest of Western democratic life. 

These are also the reflections of a Joe Six Pack buoyed up by the countless prayers of Jews and Christians and Budhists, Yezidis, yes, and Muslems too, who look to Israel not just as the last levee between them and a fanatical Islamist tidal wave, but as a small people, who have given so many blessings to the world, in numbers and ways, disproportionate to our size, and, who, yearn only, to paraphrase the words of our national anthem, to be a free people in our own tiny  land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.

I learned that we, and our courage in defending our country, are an inspiration to them, and their prayers, a comfort to us.

It occurs to me, then,  that it would not be amiss to not only count and be grateful for the many blessings with which I have been blessed these past weeks, but also to ask myself, what else, if anything I have learned during one of Israel’s most trying  and in many ways, most frightening wars of the last forty years. I would also be remiss if I did not express my undying gratitude to Pamela Lazerus and Helen Freedman of Sar-El and Lt. Col. Peter Lerner of The Military Spokespersons’ Unit for affording me the great privilege of being able to serve in uniform during Operation Protective Edge. Thank you so much Chèvre!

As to those other  lessons learned; first I learned that Hitler was unfortunately right about a number of things.

He was right about the fact that if you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough, people will believe it. 

They will believe day is night, believe truth to be a lie, believe the aggressor is the victim and the victim the villain, mistake virtue for vice, turn a blind eye to truth and accept blindly the lies that validate their political leanings, regardless of the facts, which have, for them, almost no meaning whatsoever.

Most troubling I learned that there are those who will look evil squarely in the eye, and see only the sheep’s clothing, instead of the ravenous wolf that lurks beneath.

I learned that for some, politics is even more their religion than the religions they have abandoned. 

I would never have thought, as a child of the left, that so called Progressives could so unabashedly and unashamedly  make common cause with genocidal, theocratic, imperialistic, fascist, terrorist thugs. 

But that is precisely what has happened.

I learned that some, in Europe, look at Israel, (and, I believe America) and then at themselves in the mirror, and despise us, because we possess in such abundance, what they have so foolishly and tragically lost. 

Though an overwhelmingly secular country, in terms of not following religious dogma, and a hedonistic one to boot, Israelis (and most Americans) believe in G-d, The Almighty.

We’ve seen his outstretched hand up close, and been saved too many times by His mighty arm, not to believe.

And we Jews don’t just fear Him. We love Him. We love Him as if He were family, majestic and full of awe as He is, we view him as comfortable enough to argue with, complain to, joke with, and rejoice in, precisely because we are His family; His stiff necked obstinate, infuriating, inspiring, unbelievably courageous, beautiful and flawed, pain in the butt children. 

And for that, the  European Left disdains us, while in the same breath they enable those who behead journalists, rape and traffic young girls, plot the murder of school boys and the massacre of kindergartners,  and all  in the name of a prophet they are too frightened to draw a cartoon of, lest they offend the savage beasts they appease, in the hopes, as Churchill said, of being the last in the room to be eaten by the tiger.

The European Left’s disdain for our belief in G-d is Jew hatred. 

And when it comes from Jewish European Leftists, it is self hatred.

Their supposedly politically correct “respect’ for the racist, supremacist policies of radical Islam, ,is simply cowardice.

So they hate us (and America) for the courage we have, and for that, which they so shamefully lack.

They hate us because we fight for our country, while they have already given up on,  and thus, lost their own.

Rather than admitting the tragedy of their loss, they devalue it, and those who still embrace what they have forfeited.

The spawn of the British, colonialist Raj accuse us of colonialism, to expiate the sins of their own pasts, as do the oppressors of Algiers.

The grandchildren of Nazis, call us Nazis, in order to differentiate themselves  from  their Jew hater progenitors.

 And so they hate Jews to exorcise the Nazi who lurks within, and in so doing, resurrect him.

I learned that Evil is as real as virtue.

I learned there are those who view, in the sacrificial deaths of  their children, the horribly twisted victory, that eluded them on the battle field.

I learned that the cult of Moloch, on which the Jews turned their backs thousands of years ago, has been embraced by those who have lit and fanned the flames that engulf, and slaughter far more Muslims than Jews. 

I learned that the black clad lunatic, Islamist rapper with the bloody knife in one hand and the severed head in the other, is the barbarian at the gates of western democracy, and instead of barring the door to him,  the same type of  cowards who ceded Czechoslovakia to Hitler, are ceding their own neighborhoods to extremist Sharia law, in the heart of Europe and Scandinavia ,and call it multiculturalism instead of surrender.

I learned that Israel, while vulnerable, is unbreakable, that in the words of John F Kennedy, the Israeli home front and it’s citizen soldiers,  bear any burden , pay any price, endure any hardship and oppose any foe, in order to assure the success and survival not just of our liberty, but our very right to live in our ancient homeland.

I learned that in times of adversity, there are no strangers in Israel, no soldier is alone, no brother will not lay down his life to save that of another and that all of Israel is one noisy , loving, warm-hearted family, that cannot be broken by any enemy. We will not be war wearied, our resolve will not be weakened, we will neither give up on our hope for peace, nor on our own humanity, not even in the face of unrelenting barbarism. We will bind the wounds, even of our enemies, and as soldiers we will always put ourselves between our families and those who would harm them, while our adversaries hide behind theirs, and willingly sacrifice them to their own perverse notion of victory. They worship, in their own words , Death, while we choose Life, just as we did at Sinai, when the Holy One of Israel first put the choice between good and evil, life and death, before us..

Finally, I learned that the mightiest amongst us can be taught by the weakest and most vulnerable. That the greatest teacher can be someone who never learned to speak one word, and yet spoke volumes of love.

I wrote an article about a very great and yet humble man, named Doron Almog, a Major General, a commando, a fierce and respected warrior, who resigned at the height of his career and pinnacle of his glory, because he learned from his autistic son Eran, that none of his titles, nor his achievements, nor his medals, nor his glory, meant a thing, if he was not a loving father to this son ,who never learned to say the word Abba” (father).

Eran never learned to make eye contact with another, and yet he looked into his father’s soul and through his father continues, beyond the supposed boundaries of death, to look into the souls of all those who come in contact with his story, and demands of us, “Of what use is your glory, your ego, if you do not possess the holiest of G-d’s gifts; the ability to love your neighbor as yourself."

I was privileged to be at Aleh Hanegev- nahlat Eran today, when Doron inspired another room full of people, not with his oratory, but his son’s loving heart, which opened Doron’s own heart, and in so doing touches all those who visit this remarkable place, where Muslims and Jews face adversity together, work together, overcome challenges together and in the midst of war, love one another, and see in each other  a brother instead of a stranger.

There was a Muslim Arab couple at the village. The husband, only thirty six years old is a stroke victim, fighting to regain the ability to do the simplest tasks we so easily take for granted. By his side is his wife. She is covered, head to toe. Only her eyes are visible, in a form of dress that has come to represent a frightening visage to many in the West. And yet she treated her husband with such love and dedication, petting his arm, encouraging his every move, that no one could see in her anything but the embodiment of love itself. Across the hall, a religious Jewish grandmother was showering the same unconditional love on her grand-daughter who has been in a coma for years, petting her, whispering to her, stroking her hair and kissing her as if she were the most perfect of new born babes. I have never seen so much love in one place in my life. And this was the village that was under constant rocket attack by Hamas, which worships Death, disdains Love as weakness, and sees only infidels worthy of slaughter, and children born to be sacrificed in an unending war against any who do not embrace their own fanaticism.

And then something quite remarkable happened. An Israeli soldier, who was standing nearby, witnessed the love of these two women, a young Muslim wife and a religious Jewish grandmother,, and the bravery of the wheel chair bound Muslim man who would not give in to his physical disabilities. The Jewish Israeli soldier wore a world championship ring on his finger. He had evidently been a competitive power lifter and had taken a world title. The ring  was the size of a Super Bowl ring, and one can imagine his pride in having attained the goal the ring represented.

Touched by the love of an autistic boy supposedly no longer alive, the Jewish Israeli soldier, slipped the world championship ring off his finger and pressed it into the palm of the young Muslim stroke victim. He said, “I’m giving you this ring. But it’s not a gift. It’s yours to wear to inspire you, to tell you, you are a champion, and when you get back full mobility, which I know you’re going to do. I expect you to give it back to me. Ok?”

The Young Muslim Arab stroke victim and the Jewish Israeli soldier then embraced and kissed each other’s cheeks. “ You have a brother now” The soldier said.

“So do you” said the young Muslim man as his wife looked on and tears welled up in her eyes..

And that was it . 

Both of them were taught G-d’s gift of love, by a boy no longer alive on this planet, who had never learned to speak.

Love is stronger than hate.
Good is stronger than evil
Faith is stronger than bigotry.
Hamas and Hezbollah and Isis and their Ilk, will go the way of Haman and Hitler. 
The Caliphate built on hatred and murder will last no longer than the Reich that was supposed to outlast us all.

Eran was the grandson of Holocaust survivors, and the great grandson of a woman, whose ashes floated through the skies above Auschwitz with those of six million other souls, who look down now at the state of Israel, whose loving heart is on display in the village Doron Almog learned to build from his greatest teacher, his son.

I learned that that loving heart is Israel’s greatest victory.

Am Yisrael Chai. 

The People of Israel Live. 

So does Eran, in the village that bears his name.

 The hatred of our enemies is not as strong as the lessons that can be learned from a boy who never learned to utter a word and who looked not into people’s eyes but into their hearts.

That’s what I learned. 

How blessed am I . And now you are too by virtue of a loving father and son.

If you don’t believe me, ask the young Muslim, Arab man who now wears a championship ring, and the Israeli soldier who gave it to him.

Dan Gordon
Capt. IDF ( Res) 
Joe Six Pack

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DAN GORDON: Love in a time of uprising

During the war I wrote a piece called the War Criminal about an amazing man named Doron Almog, a Major General who  resigned at the height of his career to found a one of a kind residential and rehabilitative village for the severely mentally disabled. I have never seen more love, more light in one place in my life. Like all of the rest of Southern Israel this village that treats Muslims and Jews, alike, with compassion, unbelievable love and dedication, was under constant rocket attack by Hamas. It was hit Three times.

I just received this letter from them. If you're looking for a cause to support, you couldn't do any better.this is the true heart of Israel; an Israeli General, thought of as a war criminal in Europe,creates a paradise on earth for the most vulnerable in society; Arabs and Jews united in tragedy, challenge, compassion and love.

Dan Gordon
Capt IDF ( Res)

From: "avnet kleiner" <>
Subject: Thank you- End of "Protective Edge" in Aleh Negev - Nahalat Eran
Date: September 9, 2014 at 12:46:10 AM GMT+3
To: "avnet kleiner" <>

Dear Friends,
THANK YOU sincerely for your deep concern and generous support during the past 50 days of constant rocket fire from Gaza.  Now when it's over, for now, I want to share with you also pictures of "going back to normal" in the village.
It was impossible to explain to ALEH- Negev’s residents the reason for the frightening wail of the sirens and loud explosions, their extended stay in shelters, and their new indoor routine.  But the love, support and dedication of our incredible staff, national service girls and volunteers made them feel safe and protected – and that was our foremost goal.
We share with you some figures so you can get a better picture of what life was like at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran during the past 7 weeks:
·         Over 140 ALEH residents, all with intellectual and developmental disabilities, were living in shelters for over 7 weeks.
·         Over 140 rockets were fired at the Ofakim area, where ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran is located.  Three rockets landed within the village itself – the last one hit the village half an hour before the ceasefire agreement went into effect.
·         National Service girls moved into the village, making themselves available 24/7 to help during a siren and to run various activities within the shelters.
·         Every single worker showed up to work out of a sense of responsibility and commitment, despite the fear and danger.
·         Residents were treated to special activities by professional entertainers at least 3 times a week, bringing joy and laughter to the crowded shelters – clown shows, music and movement fun, puppet and theater etc.
·         ALEH’s Special Education Schools opened their doors daily throughout this time, both for residents and for the attending community children.
·         The village’s outpatient Rehabilitation Center was open throughout this period. Therapists came to work daily to serve the patients who braved the trip to the village in order to continue the treatment vital to their rehabilitation.
·         Day Camp for children of staff members was opened at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.  Some 35 children whose parents are caregivers, secretaries, school assistants and maintenance workers attended the day camp daily.  Here they were close to their parents and in a warm, protected environment.  The camp was staffed by parents and volunteers from all over Israel.
·         Workers received ongoing emotional support from the ALEH’s social worker staff and psychologists.  They are also treated to medical massages, various incentives during their shifts, activities and shows from some of Israel’s famous entertainers.
·         Workers will be treated to a day of recreation as a gesture of appreciation for their dedication during this critical time.
Your generous support was significant in creating a sense of calm and routine, positive energy, dedication and purpose. 
On behalf of the entire ALEH family, we thank you deeply for your partnership and caring.
Avnet Kleiner
Marketing & Development, Aleh Negev -USA
Cell: ISR- 972-54-351-9210, USA- 1-415-766-1668

Monday, September 8, 2014

DAN GORDON: It's just us, so let's be honest, yes?

Israelis fire non-lethal warning shots to rooftops to warn civilians to leave.
Palestinians run to the roof to look, towing their children.
“How does it feel to know you’re killing innocent women and children?”

That was the question that the major network correspondent, of a major network morning show, popped as her first query out of the box, to a soldier in a 155 MM  howitzer artillery battery, during the opening days of the Second Lebanon War, against Hezbollah terrorists, in 2006.

I was the reporter in question’s military escort officer. It was her first day in the war zone, in the first days of the war. Mind you there would indeed be incidents, later in the war, of inadvertent deaths of innocent civilians by Israeli artillery fire. Collateral damage, a euphemism for deaths of innocents, is a tragic part of every war that has ever, or will ever be fought. Anyone who tells you any different has never fought in a war. Indeed, friendly fire incidents, or the deaths of one’s own troops, at the hands of one’s own artillery or aerial bombardment, occurs, not only in actual war, but in training exercises as well.

As a young reservist, in an armored infantry unit my company came under fire from our own artillery during a live fire exercise, even though we had “rehearsed” the attack in non live fire form, twice before the incident occurred, and even though our artillery, supposedly, knew our exact position at all times. Thankfully we quickly radioed in a cease fire order and casualties were avoided. But I can tell you it was a terrifying experience to know that your own guys were shooting at you.

Once, during a live fire exercise, as a young squad leader, I had a soldier under my command, experience a malfunction with a 30 caliber Mag machine gun. He pulled the trigger and the weapon wouldn’t stop shooting.

He panicked and started spraying bullets every where.

I pointed my weapon at him and threatened to kill him if he did not put his weapon down, facing away from me and my fellow soldiers.

Had he not done so, I would, tragically, have made good on my threat,and shot to kill him, in order to save myself and the soldiers under my command.

There’s a reason they say war is hell.

It is chaos with deadly weapons.

And yet in this particular instance, when the reporter asked how it felt to know one was killing innocent women and children, there had been no claim of any such incident.

The soldier was understandably shocked by her question. His country was under attack. The war had been started by Hezbollah, when they ambushed an Israeli patrol, killed eight soldiers without provocation, and kidnapped the bodies of two of the soldiers, who were either already dead, or died in their custody. That had been followed up by a massive barrage of Katyusha rockets fired at Israel by Hezbollah, and an attack on a civilian community by Hezbollah terrorists, in which they attempted to kidnap and take hostage, innocent Israeli civilians, in an act that foreshadowed what Hamas attempted to pull off on a much wider scale during this last war.

The soldier in the artillery unit, whom she had basically accused of murder, was in shock. He was defending his country from what was clearly an unprovoked attack, by a known terrorist organization, and here was a reporter for a major American television network, branding him as a war criminal.

In Hebrew he asked me, “Is she crazy, or does she just hate Jews?”

“I have no idea” I said.

I turned to the reporter, who shall remain nameless (she has since been fired by that same network) and asked if she had heard any report, had any evidence whatsoever that any Israeli artillery unit had caused the deaths of any innocent people at this early stage of the war.

“Well, no” she said, ”but that’s what always happens, isn’t it?”

“But to my knowledge it HASN'T happened.” I said. “Do you know of anything to indicate that it has?”

“No…but …I mean…well… it probably will.” her voice trailed off.

“I think you owe this soldier an apology. And I expect you not to air that question, until, and unless you have some reliable report that some such incident has, in fact, happened.”

“Yeah, “ she said, good naturally, ”You’re right. Hey. I was out of line and I’m sorry,“ she said. ”Look,“ she said, by way of explanation, “I’m just the hair spray talent…"

Now let me just note, for the record, that she was a perfectly nice woman, honestly likable.

She was just stupid. Perhaps that’s too harsh. Perhaps she was just painfully uninformed.

The point was, however, that she already had her narrative before she even got to Israel; “Israelis shoot big guns, and innocent Palestinian babies are killed”.

When I pointed out that the people north of the Lebanese border were Lebanese, and not Palestinian, she looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language. It was as if any person Israelis shoot at, are, by definition,  both Palestinian and dead.

“Right“ she said, ”Lebanese Palestinians”.

That’s a quote.

Like I say, she is no longer with that network. But the narrative is still there, strong as ever, as witnessed by the fetish-like coverage of dead babies by many of the major news outlets, including the one that fired her. As if that was the only story. No context, no reason for the war, no examination of who started it (Hamas), who perpetuated it by turning down, or violating eleven cease fires, all of which were presented by a Moslem Arab State and endorsed by the Arab league (Hamas), and who deliberately fired from dense civilian neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, mosques and UN buildings, thereby turning their own civilians into unwilling human shields (Hamas).

Nope none of that mattered to the narrative; Israelis shoot big guns and innocent Palestinian babies are killed.

That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Except for one thing.

Ask yourself this question, and since it’s just the two of us, and no one is listening, be intellectually honest with yourself when you answer.

Don’t say, "yeah, but..."  Don’t try to mitigate or apologize or explain away anyone’s actions, especially not your own.

Just read the question and give an honest answer, if only to yourself.
We know, beyond any doubt, that Hamas fired their rockets from dense civilian population centers, next to homes, hotels, schools, sometimes from within school yards, mosques and hospitals and UN buildings where refugees had taken shelter. We know this not because any Israeli said so, but because the PALESTINIAN AMBASSADOR to the UN Human Rights Commission said so. He called Hamas’s actions, in fact, war crimes.

We also have testimony from multiple reporters, who, once they were out of Gaza, and free of Hamas intimidation, verified that Hamas fired rockets in effect, behind Palestinian human shields.

We have footage of same, both Israeli footage and footage of independent journalists.

So there’s no question about that.

We even have a captured Hamas manual instructing their troops to do just that.

The question, then is, “Why does Hamas fire it’s weapons from school yards, and densely populated civilian neighborhoods, from hospitals and mosques and UN buildings ?”

Let me put a finer point on that question. “Why does Hamas consciously endanger their own civilians, by turning them into unwitting human shields, guaranteeing their injury or deaths, should Israel return fire to the source of fire?”

One answer might be, because they believe that Israel will not return fire, if fired upon from civilian areas.

But that answer, is almost, by definition, false.

We know that Israel has publicly stated that it will not endanger it’s own civilians lives by not returning fire to it’s source, even if that might endanger Palestinian civilians.

Israel has made it clear, that it takes every possible precaution before firing on areas in which civilians are found.

It drops leaflets.

It calls peoples’ cell phones, sends SMS messages and even does what is called “knocking” which is dropping a non-lethal charge on the roof of a building it intends to take out, to give a final warning to people to evacuate before dropping lethal ordinance five minutes later.

But Israel makes no bones, nor any apologies for the fact that it will protect it’s own civilians by returning fire to the source of fire.

If a rocket is launched, or about to be launched, against our people, and we can take that rocket launcher out, we will do it.

Indeed it would be a violation of any army’s first responsibility, to deliberately endanger it’s own civilians by not returning fire to the source of fire.

What’s the answer then?

Does Hamas not know it is placing it’s rocket launchers next to it’s own civilians?

That is absurd on the face of it.

Of course it knows where it is placing it’s rocket launchers.

Why then does it endanger it’s own people and insure their injury, or death by firing in close proximity to them?

Is it because they hate their own people and wish them harm?

Well, in at least a hundred and fifty cases, we know they simply marched their own people out into public squares and gunned them down, blew their brains out, for supposedly violating curfew (120 Palestinians) or supposed collaboration with Israel (30 Palestinians).

But that only counts for 150 dead Palestinians, and we know there were at least a thousand more dead Palestinian civilians.

So why do they knowingly consign their own people to certain injury or death?

Remember, we’re being intellectually honest here.

No cheating.

Come on, you know why they do it.

They do it because they know that the networks will do just what they, in fact, did, focus on dead Palestinians, on corpses of dead children, to the exclusion of all else.

They do it because they know that naive people, just like the hair spray talent , will automatically buy the narrative; Israelis shoot big guns and innocent Palestinian babies are killed.

They do it because they know gullible , well intentioned people, will see those pictures and blame Israel as a war criminal.

They do it because their doctrine says that even if they start a war, and then lose it militarily, that if there are enough pictures of dead babies, Israel will automatically be delegitimized, and  branded as an international pariah.

They do it because then, they can commit acts of absolute terrorism, like building terrorist attack tunnels that come up in Israeli dining halls and kindergartens,  and an unquestioning public will still say that they are the victims of Israeli war crimes, and not the genocidal, theocratic, imperialistic, fascist , terrorists they, in fact , are.

They do it because they know that blind condemnation of Israel will hand them the PR victory they couldn’t win on the battle field.

They do it because they know that all they have to do is cause the deaths of more of their own people, and the world will pour billions into their coffers to “ rebuild “ Gaza, and they’ll just use that money to build more terrorist attack tunnels, and buy more rocket launchers, for the next war.

They do it because, every dead baby for them is a victory.

They do it because they know they can play you, and you’ll fall for it every time.

And thus they will consign ever more of their own people to certain death.
They do it because it works.

So my final question is, how does it feel to know you’re helping to cause the deaths of innocent women and children?

And when will you stop?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

DAN GORDON: Well Dude, Now You Know

Mahmoud Abbas has harsh words for Hamas
History fairly reeks of supposedly well meaning, high minded folk who “didn’t know”, and then paid the horrible price for their feigned or real ignorance.

Because that’s the point, after all.

History doesn’t really care if you’re pretending to be ignorant, or just a fool.

History exacts an awful price for those who turn a blind eye to evil, for those who will not hear the Devil’s siren song of complicity, or hearing, refuse to understand it’s meaning.

History doesn’t care if  you’re really stupid in the face of  true wickedness, or merely playing the fool.

History is a hanging judge.

And whether you know it or not, whether you are intellectually honest enough to admit it to yourself , let alone others, or not, we are all in the docket right now.

What we do over the next weeks and months, not years, but over the next weeks and months, will color our fate and that of our children and grandchildren, for generations to come.

They will either look back  and praise you for your courage, or damn you for your cowardice.

But don’t think for a moment that Judgement isn’t coming.

It’s already on it’s way.

You may want to assuage your moral conscience with a catchy tweet or colorful wristband, but History will not be satisfied with that.

Not by a long shot.

So step up, my friend, because Judgement Day is near, and neither good intentions, nor ignorance will mitigate in your favor.

Only actions count where History is concerned.

Think of all those decent German folk who claimed they just didn’t know where the transport trains were headed, and then think of the firebombing of Dresden and the fact that twice as many Germans died in World War Two than all the Americans and Brits put together.

Think of those who claimed the stench of burning flesh from the crematoria somehow never smelled like death, or who thought the ashes of an entire people drifting from the chimneys of Auschwitz was some sort of strange early snow.  How well did they come through the Great War and Iron curtain that descended over their lives and turned their countries into prisons?

Think of the hard core, lefty Jews who marched into the Gulag saying,” If only Comrade Stalin knew, he would put a stop to it!”

Well, pal, Stalin knew, and blind obeisance to a false cause didn’t buy them one day’s good time in the Gulag.

And now, no matter what you self righteously tweeted, no matter how much you deplored Israel’s supposed war crimes, no matter how vigorously you boycotted Israel’s “genocidal hummus” in the food co ops of trendy Cobble Hill, or clicked your tongues, or wagged your fingers and identified with the suffering of the Palestinian people of Gaza, brought about not by the genocidal, imperialistic, theocratic, fascist terrorist thugs of Hamas, but by the Zionist, Pig, oppressor of the down trodden, aboriginal masses, Judgement Day is coming, and ignorance is no excuse.

You know the guy in the black suit with a bloody knife in one hand, and a severed head in the other, who says “I’m back!”?

You know that guy right?

Of course you do.

You know him, even though there were no mass demonstrations of condemnations of the Caliphate, no Boycott ,Sanction and Divest movement aimed against ISIS, because, after all,, they make nothing you can boycott. They have nothing of value from which you can divest yourselves, and sanctions mean nothing to them because they’re terrorists!

Well, tell me, if you would what differentiates them from Hamas, outside of the means of execution? What is it Hamas makes that contributes to the general welfare of the human race? Suicide bombers? Terrorist attack tunnels?

Isis, I grant you, is a bit more literal, when it comes to the Koran, and a bit more baroque when it comes to their YouTube presentations.

But consider this; In the past several weeks ISIS has publicly beheaded two nice, New York Times reading, NPR listening, American journalists. Despite the fact that no one has marched against that, I think we’re all on the same page in saying that’s freaking barbaric!

On the other hand, in roughly the same period, Hamas has summarily, and publicly, executed 120 of their own people for supposedly violating curfew laws!


They murdered 150 of their OWN PEOPLE!.

If you want to do the math that is roughly seventy five more public murders than were committed by ISIS in the same period.

That was Hamas who did that, my friend.

But wait a second. I’m a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces. So you can’t believe me.

I’m not asking you to.

The fact that Hamas publicly murdered 150 of their fellow Palestinians was revealed today by none other than Mahmoud Abbas, the President of The Palestinian Authority, who has also said that Hamas is responsible for the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, whose UN Ambassador to the the Human Rights Commission has publicly stated that every rocket Hamas fired was a war crime, because they were aimed at innocent Israeli civilians, while hiding behind innocent Palestinian civilians.

That was the PALESTINIAN AMBASSADOR who said that!

Not the Israeli ambassador.

That same Palestinian Ambassador acknowledged that Israel warned civilians to evacuate every target it struck and thus was NOT guilty of war crimes..

“Dude” you might well say,”I didn’t know that.”

Well “Dude” now you do.

The Palestinian President went on to say that if Hamas did not accept the principal that their military forces be brought under Palestinian Authority control, and live by the treaties The Palestinian Authority has signed with Israel, no less, that he, the Palestinian President would tear up his unity agreement with Hamas.

He said he would push for the opening of the Palestinian border crossings, but only if Palestinian Authority Forces and not Hamas controlled those check points.

And do you know , dear friend, why the Palestinian President was being so harsh on the very champions of the down trodden Palestinian masses for whom so many marched, and on whom so many bestowed the mantle of" victim of Zionist aggression", as opposed to "genocidal, theocratic, imperialistic,fascist  Terrorist thug?”

He developed that newly enlightened attitude toward Hamas because he found out they were planning a coup in the West Bank, were planning to assassinate and replace him, as a further step toward establishing the exact same Caliphate which ISIS claims to have begun in their place.

But unlike some of its supporters, Hamas is at least honest about it’s intentions.

They proudly announce that their plan is to annihilate the Jewish people, not Israelis, but all the Jews on earth…then after they’ve done that ,they’ll start in on everyone else who doesn’t tow their particular Islamist line on the march to the Caliphate. That ,by the way, means you.

You don’t believe me?

Just ask the guy with the black mask and the bloody knife and the severed head.

He has no moral ambiguities about what he intends to do.

But, you shrug and say, “This is all too complicated for me. If that’s the way they’re gonna be, let’s just call the whole thing off.. I’m going to watch The Voice or Charley Rose. Because, after all, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

That’s where you’re wrong.

There’s plenty you can do.

And whether you do it, or not, will determine History’s harsh judgement.

You can say loudly and clearly to your elected leaders, “Spend hundreds of millions, if you feel generous, to rebuild Gaza, to rebuild houses and schools and real hospitals, (not fronts for terrorist attack tunnels). . But not one cent to rebuild Hamas’s ability to wage offensive war. Not one cent!”

It’s your money, you chump!

They played you for total rubes and suckers in 2009 , saying "give us cement and steel. We can’t build rockets out of cement and steel after all. So what are you afraid of?”

And they took YOUR MONEY and built terrorist attack tunnel!

They did it for five years under your noses!

You don’t care about Israel?

Great! No one is asking you to.

No one is asking you to love us or even like us.

You can even continue to boycott our genocidal hummus if it makes you feel better. BUT IT’S YOUR MONEY! IT COMES OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

You tell your leaders now, the price for rebuilding Gaza is insuring that Hamas no longer has the capability of waging offensive war.

But what about the resistance to the illegal Israeli occupation?

Ask Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority.

He’ll tell you.

He’ll show you the Palestinian corpses.

He’ll show you what they did with your money.

You can’t claim ignorance any more.

For once, stand up for REAL PEACE.

Insist that Gaza be demilitarized, just as it was supposed to be under the Oslo accords which created the Palestinian Authority.

Insist that Abbas just doesn’t say the right things, but does the right things to regain control over a genocidal, theocratic, imperialistic, fascistic group of terrorist thugs who have brought so much misery down upon the heads of his own people.

Because whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not, Israel is the last levee that stands between you and a flood of Islamist terror that will wash it’s way onto your shores if it is swept away, not by the military abilities of Hamas , but by the good people who claimed they just didn’t know….and then paid the price that History demands of fools.

Dan Gordon
Capt. IDF ( Res)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Genocidal Hummus

Genocidal Hummas
The good thing about being a Sar El volunteer, as opposed to being officially called up as an escort officer in the Military Spokesperson Unit of The IDF, is that, at midnight, after a long day, and not a little bit of jet lag, on your first day back in uniform, after a truly wretched war, that none of your countrymen wanted any part of, that was forced on you by a group of theocratic, genocidal, imperialistic, fascist, Terrorist thugs like Hamas,who amazingly, have been bathed in the glow of victimhood, by supposed supporters of equal rights for gays, women, minorities and all around champions of peace and justice, is that you  can be justifiably cranky.

You can be especially,  justifiably cranky,if ,in the two week interlude, in which you’ve left the war zone, you’ve gone to West LA, The Upper West Side of Manhattan, Carrol Gardens and Cobble Hill, in the trendier moral centers of the universe of East coast enlightenment, and had passing social intercourse with those taking a break from the rigors of the Hamptons, while you return to the the former war zone of agricultural communities, and rock solid folk, along Israel’s internationally recognized, 1967 border with  Gaza .

Because I’m a writer by trade and have to begin getting back to my day job I had a series of pitch meetings in LA and meetings with theatrical producers and the gentleman who hopefully will become my editor for a new novel I’ll shortly begin writing. During those sojourns on the East and West Coast I experienced a taste of the the moral indignation, nay ,moral outrage, directed at Israel during Hamas’s most recent war against the only Jewish state in a sea of Moslem countries, not a few of which are today writhing in the flames of Islamist induced wars, massacres and acts of truly genocidal ethnic cleansing of all non muslim religious minorities, within their territories,  and those Muslims of a different stripe or shade than those currently committing said massacres, and truly genocidal acts of ethnic cleansing .

And what typified the true flashpoint of this moral outrage? Where was the epicenter battle field on which these champions of the down trodden chose to make their stand against the Zionist,pig, oppressors of the Palestinian masses?  And what was their battle cry?

The battle ground on which the moral gauntlet was thrown down  was a food co op in Cobble Hill.

And what was the battle cry?

“To The Barricades, My Brothers!”?

“Liberte, fraternite, egalite!”

"Liberty or Death?"

I swear to you what follows is an accurate quote, word for word.

“I will not buy this genocidal humus!!”

Pardon me.

Chalk it up to an eighteen hour day and the lateness of the hour, but what a bunch of hypocritical, moral simps.

I know. You saw pictures of dead babies in the New York times and on the Network news.

Unfortunately,no one needs to instruct me on the tragedy of the death of one’s child. Each one represents an entire lost world and my heart breaks for anyone whoever has to join the truly awful club of which I am a member .

But try balancing your moral outrage with a few facts.

I know you’ve already written the script.

Hamas is the duly elected representative of the Palestinian people, who are victims of Israeli genocide, all in the name of protecting Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands,and if only Israel agreed to withdraw to the 1967 borders and tear down their illegal settlements, peace would reign supreme in the entire middle East, since the Israel /Palestinian conflict is the root cause of all the region’s woes, and on that blessed day, when Israel withdraws to said 1967 borders, the Zionist genocidal humus will at last be defeated, and justice restored to a ravaged people and land.

Fact: According to the Oslo agreement between Israel and the Palestine Authority , Gaza was to be permanently demilitarized.

Fact: Israel unilaterally and unconditionally ended its occupation of Gaza in 2005, forcibly evicted all of its ten thousand Jewish settlers,  and withdrew to it’s internationally recognized 1967 border, hoping that the “ Gaza First” policy would create a template for the “ two state “ solution, and give Peace a chance.

Fact: Hamas immediately began firing rockets and mortars against Israel’s communities all of which were well within it’s 1967 borders

Fact: Hamas took power in 2007 in a bloody coup in which they murdered hundreds of their Palestinian brothers and sisters in order to brutally seize Gaza, not from Israel, but from the Palestinian Authority!

Fact: In Syrai and Irag,Iran, Yemen,Somalia,, Egypt and Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan and India,to name a few, Sunni Moslems are murdering Shia Moslems, Shia Moslems are murdering Sunni Moslems, and various Islamist sects and terrorist organizations, militias and armies are slaughtering Christians, Hindus,Bahais, Yezidis, Kurds, and Copts, and beheading orange clad journalists,  and none of it has anything, whatsoever, to do with Israel .

Fact: More Moslem Arabs are killed in Syria every few months than all the Palestinians who have been killed in the last three wars with Israel,and in first and second intifadas, over the last thirty years, combined!

Fact: This current war was planned by Hamas, not Israel, for over five years, as is proven , literally in concrete and steel, by the scores of terrorist attack tunnels Hamas has been digging under Israel’s 1967 borders, in preparation for this war, for the last half decade!

Fact: Hamas has now publicly admitted that  they initiated this war by giving the order to kidnap and murder three Israeli school boys  on their way home from school. And when that did not suffice to drag Israel into a war it did everything to avoid, they began raining down hundreds upon hundreds of rocket attacks against our civilian communities while hiding behind their own civilians and turning them into unwitting and unwilling human shields.

Fact: We have the footage of them shooting from mosques , hospitals and schools,and crowded neighborhoods , thereby turning those civilian positions into military targets, thus committing a war crime against both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.All you have to do is google and open your eyes to see it.

Fact: We now have the testimony of multiple journalists who, since they have left Gaza and are no longer subject to Hamas thuggery and intimidation , have admitted to seeing rockets launched from said,civilian institutions and communities. All you have to do is google, read and open your minds to understand it.

While you’re planning your campaign against our genocidal humus try reading this letter written by Gila and Doron Tragerman,from Kibbutz Nachal Oz. Their four year old son, Daniel , was killed by a 120 mm mortar round fired deliberately at their home by Hamas Terrorists in Gaza. Nahal Oz is a farming community, not a military installation. I know that because Nahal Oz is the first place at which I ever had the dubious pleasure of being shot at in 1963. I was sixteen at that time. There were no settlements. There was no occupied territory. Israel was in it’s 1948 borders, and I was shot at for the same reason four year old Daniel was killed. I was a Jew trying to live in peace in the Jewish State of Israel. Period.

“ Daniel died in front of his little sister and his best friend, Yuval, three and a half years old; he died in front of Uri, only four months old, and right before our eyes, his mother and father…Daniel was killed from a mortar shell that was fired by Hamas members from an elementary school for boys in Gaza City. It wasn’t a stray shell. It wasn’t an accidental death”

And how do those heart broken parents know that? Because a 120 mm mortar is an extraordinarily precise weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. And Nachal Oz is a straight line of sight shot.

Let me ask those of you who would sit in judgement of Israel from the front lines of New York and California. Who is on your borders? New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, Canada? Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Mexico? There’s a little Tsuris from some of those , no doubt.

You know who are on Israel’s borders today? Not separated by a continent, nor an ocean, nor a buffer zone of any kind, but literally who is on our borders, our doorsteps?The people on our very doorsteps, as we’ve just learned, can quite literally pop up in a terrorist tunnel on our front lawns.  Try these on for Neighbors.

You know the guy n the black suit with the bloody knife in one hand and the severed head of a nice, liberal, New York Times reading, NPR listening journalist  in his other hand? He’s on our border . Right Now.

Isis or the Islamic State, or the Caliphate. They’re on our border.

So are the Al Aksa Martyr’s Brigades, Jubhat Al Nusra, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Bayt Al Maqdis,and Islamic Jihad, Just to name a few.

We stay afloat in a sea of Islamist terror which has engulfed our entire region and the only thing all of these disparate groups have in common, is their common desire to annihilate each and every one of us….on their way to annihilating you.

Yes . We fought a war that Hamas started.
Yes we killed close to a thousand of their terrorists and operatives and probably a little over a thousand of the civilians behind whom they hid, and who they turned into human shields in order to attack us. 
We created  Iron Dome to protect us from their rockets.
We put air raid shelters every few meters in our front line communities and invested hundreds of millions in civil defense.
That’s why are casualties are low. Because we protected our people.
They placed their rockets and terrorist command and control centers in civilian neighborhood, hospitals schools and mosques , and callously planned for the deaths of their own civilians.
That’s why their casualties are so high. Because they deliberately put their civilians in harm’s way.
We returned fire when shot at, and sometimes the innocent civilians they put in harm’s way were killed. 
For that we are heart broken.  But for doing what was necessary to prevent more children like Daniel from being killed in front of their parents however,we offer no apologies.  
We do more than any other army in the history of warfare to avoid civilian deaths, and you know it.
But here is the inconvenient truth you boycotters of genocidal humus would rather not face.
You know why Hamas hides behind their civilians, literally assuring the deaths of their own women and children?
Because it works.
Because naive, hypocritical, moral simps like you fall for it.  Let that sink in for a bit.
You want to judge someone.  Try being intellectually honest. 
And look in the mirror.

Dan Gordon
2:00 a.m.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DAN GORDON: So you say you won.

It's Monsoon season in Northern Arizona, which means lightning strikes and that spells trouble in river city for those old enough to get the show tune reference. My phone, cable and Internet service are all out so I am thumbing this puppy, which I suppose only makes sense . It is a kind of nostalgia for the time, just a few weeks ago, when I "thumbed  articles in the field" some times under rocket and mortar fire, which I choose to think explained the typos and misspellings .

It is fitting because there is a cease fire, and unlike the others,  this is one which Hamas may actually not violate, at least for a while. And how do I know?

Because, praise the Lord, Hamas just declared victory!  Not a "divine victory," mind you. It didn't rise to that level, but they are, according to the last television report I saw, having a pool party in Gaza's five star hotel, at which I'm sure Hamas's elite, now that they've come up out of their underground bunkers, will be in attendance.

So it's official. Sami Abu Zuhri , Hamas's spokesman, said so at a news conference at Shifa hospital. 

Now why was the news conference at Shifa hospital, you might ask? Because that's where Hamas built it's command and control center, under the hospital, hiding behind the wounded.  And dying Gazans they gleefully sacrificed for this glorious victory. Which, dear UN war crimes committee, is, by the way, a freaking war crime! 

And what are the achievements of this not quite Divine victory? Well, said Sami, they forced hundreds if not thousands of Israelis to flee Southern Israel. That's true, Sami. Because unlike Hamas we don't hide behind our civilian population. Our kibbutzim in the North took in whole communities to get them out of harm's way. Unlike the way you forced your own people to become unwilling human shields!  What a victory!  A half million of your own people are now refugees because you turned down the very cease fire you now embrace as victory when the war was only eight days old - when two thousand Palestinians, whose death warrants you signed by shooting from their neighborhoods, mosques and schools, were still alive!  Because as you have so often said, we Israelis love life while Hamas worships death. Your words, proudly proclaimed , not mine.

We invested billions in money we didn't have, to build Iron Dome which effectively shot down ninety percent of the rockets you aimed at our civilian population while hiding behind yours. True you did kill five civilians, one of whom was a four year old child, so if that's not reason for a victory celebration what is?  

This was your war, Hamas, planned for over five years and designed around your secret weapon of terrorist attack tunnels, which, you believed, would have allowed you to pop up like zombies come up out of the grave, into packed dining halls and kindergartens. You were sure it would be a divine victory in which you could murder and maim thousands of civilian men, women and children, because that's who those tunnels were aimed at.  

You would have hundreds of weeping women and children cowering in your underground prison cells which you'd prepared, taken captive with the handcuffs and tranquilizers we found on your terrorists' bodies. You would have brought Israel to it's knees with the blood of it's children, and you would make it all look like your own impoverished response to Israeli air attacks. You had the script already written. 

But how to drag the Jews into a war that none of us wanted? Easy! Give the order, publicly no less, to your terrorist cells in the West Bank to kidnap and murder Jews. And that part went along just fine! You kidnapped and murdered three Israeli school boys on their way home from school, sure that would have to start the war you had planned so long and so meticulously, using the steel and cement the world gave you in 2009 and 2012, supposedly to rebuild Gaza, and which you used to build your terrorist attack tunnels instead!  And we all fell for it ! The whole world bought your b.s. about wanting to rebuild schools and baby clinics, the Israeli war criminals had so cruelly destroyed!  So why shouldn't you celebrate? That part at least worked perfectly!  You conned the whole world with your sob story and were so sure it would lead to the divine Victory! 

And when Israel fired not one shot into Gaza in response, you must have thought, "What's a terrorist got to do to get a Jew to cut him some slack and start a war so we can get to the Divine  victory part?"  

So then you started firing rockets, and we said "calm will be answered with calm."  Well that sucks, right? How are you gonna get a Divine victory out of that?!  So then you upped the rocket attacks to a hundred a day and we answered with an aerial campaign hoping that after a week of seeing your rockets knocked down by iron dome you would have had enough.  But you had the secret Divine victory, terrorist attack tunnels up your sleeve, and you sucker punched us And the whole world . You assured the world thru the Turks and Qataris that you were accepting the cease fire but on the morning it was to start you launched another hundred rockets, all to take our eyes off the terrorist tunnel, knock out punch you were going to deliver that afternoon. 

But thanks to a merciful G-d and the courage, skill and strength of the ID, you failed... Miserably I might add. Not one hostage. Not one kindergarten or dining hall strewn with murdered men women and children. No divine victory, just fifty days of misery you heaped on your own people. Fifty days of a war you launched And lost, and hence in your own hateful logic you now proclaim victory... 

And right around the corner will come the sob stories once again about the Israeli war criminals and how the world must pay for the third time in five years, to rebuild a Gaza, destroyed through three successive wars you launched and lost in search of that same divine victory!  Well this time, if the world can get it's head out of it's collective rectum, maybe they won't be conned by the terrorist carnival huckster. Maybe they'll say, "You want Gaza rebuilt? No problem , just demilitarize, because you have no enemies. The Israelis don't want Gaza and neither do the Egyptians."  We'd be only too happy to see you become the Singapore of the Middle East because then maybe you could invite all those Palestinians you made homeless and the relatives of the dead you hid behind, to the pool party instead of trying to kill us. But until then, save the sob story for someone else . I hope that's what the world tells you.  I hope for once they won't buy the con job.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Dan Gordon
Joe Six Pack Civilian

Sunday, August 24, 2014

DAN GORDON: Don't Hold Your Breath

I have about a week and a half before I return to Israel and put on a uniform as a Sar El Volunteer attached to my reserve unit. So as Joe Six Pack Civilian I can say things, both in subject matter and in form, which I cannot do while in uniform. I, thus, intend to take advantage of it while I can. And since I’m going to be traveling, and then teaching, and then enjoying my son and grand son, and having meetings about charity projects and theatrical productions( oxymoron), this may be my last chance to do so .

I, quite frankly am amazed that people, who feel themselves aligned with the left, with the progressive movement, as we call it in the United States , could be comfortable making common cause against a Western democracy like Israel ,and with a genocidal , theocratic, imperialist, gay hating , misogynistic, female genital mutilating, child bride abusing,” honor killing”, group of Moslem, fascist thugs,  like Hamas.  I’m quite simply amazed by this, nonplussed, gobsmacked !

So let’s, for the moment, at least, take Israel and Hamas out of the equation, since the mere mention of the Jewish state,, indeed the very notion of a Jewish state, drives some folks into such paroxysms of frenzy, that there is absolutely no hope whatsoever for anything even remotely resembling discourse.

It’s like that Bob Dylan lyric, from" I Shall be Free"
“Now I got a friend who spends his life
stabbing my picture with a bowie knife,
Dreams of strangling’ me with a scarf,
when my name comes up he pretends to barf,
I’ve got a million friends."

That’s sort of the relationship between Israel and a certain breed on the left,who do moral back flips to see in Hamas, a group of put upon freedom fighters, and in Israel, the re incarnation of Nazi Germany..

Now, fun’s fun, but that’s just flat out perverse!

So let us, for the moment, take Israel and Hamas out of the question and in their place let’s put…I don’t know…let’s say, ISIS and the Yezidis.  ISIS, or ISIL or The Islamic State, or The Caliphate, whichever name you choose for them, are the folks who just beheaded photo journalist James Foley and posted, on YouTube, the gristly video of his head being sawed off by ISIS terrorist Abdel -Majed Abdel Bary, a former British rapper calling himself  L Jinny, and now referred to by some as Jihadi John.

Let’s make a wild leap of faith , shall we? Let’s  imagine, that if you are one of the Israel bashing, Hamas cheer leaders, that you are none the less, actually repulsed by the beheading of Mr. Foley, by the aforementioned former British rapper turned ISIS terrorist. Let’s say you actually think it’s a barbaric act for which there can be no excuse. No amount of perceived persecution, no insult to the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, could possibly justify such an act of barbarism, nor excuse the terrorist organization, which not only sanctioned the beheading, but ordered it as a matter of policy, as a tactic in their war against the West.
I know that’s a lot to ask, but I’m hoping, at the very least, we can find common ground in roundly condemning the act and the actors  and in stating firmly that any organization that  would perpetrate such an act in the name of establishing a world wide Moslem Caliphate , are in  fact a bunch of theocratic, genocidal, Imperialist, Moslem, fascist thugs.
In case we’re going too fast let’s break that down;
Theocratic-  because they believe Allah not only sanctions their actions but orders them and is pleased by them. 
Genocidal - because they have made clear their intent to wipe out, annihilate, indeed commit genocide against their enemies, and indeed proudly proclaim their intent to do same.\
Imperialist- because in establishing the Caliphate , they indeed intend for it to be an empire.
Moslem- because that is the religion they profess to follow.
Fascists- because the dictionary defines Fascism as “ a political movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for centralized autocratic government, headed by a dictatorial leader."
Can we all agree we’re on the same page thus far?
Can we all agree that nothing excuses that type of barbarous fascism; not Hitler believing the German folk got the wrong end of the stick after WWI, or the Jews were all to blame for it, and not any insult to the Prophet, peace be upon him, nor any thwarting of Islamic dreams of righteous conquest? Still on the same page?
Good Lord, I hope so, otherwise you truly are lost and beyond redemption and, as odd as it seems, I still have hope for you as a rational human being as capable of recognizing virtue, and siding with it, as you are of recognizing vice, and opposing it.
Now ask yourself this question: What if Foley was a Jew? Is the action still inexcusable ?
What if he was a Jew and an Israeli? Is there still no justification?
What if he was a Jew, and an Israeli, and a soldier in the IDF, let us say, or even worse, a Jew who lived in one of the Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria? Are you sure you wouldn’t be able to find some rationale for the same act? Are you sure you wouldn’t say , yes, but…. and then come up with a laundry list of grievances to mitigate the act of barbarity? Come on now, fess up. You sure you wouldn’t be able to find some empathy in your heart for the down trodden ISIS masses who must have suffered at the hands of the Zionist Occupier?
But I digress.
Forget about Mr. Foley being a Jew.
He wasn’t. So you need not ever face what would or would not be a moral dilemma vis a vis his beheading.
ISIS beheaded a nice American, non-Zionist photo journalist and you can roundly condemn them for doing same.
Now let’s talk about the Yezidis. They are an ancient, aboriginal people, a non-Moslem minority, not unlike the Kurds, and not unlike the Jews, living in a majority  Moslem Middle East..

The theocratic, genocidal, imperialist, Moslem, fascist terrorists of ISIS referred to Yezidis as “ Devi Worshipers “ and  set out to forcibly convert or annihilate them, with the result being that some forty thousand Yezidis sought refuge atop Mt. Sinjar, in their ancient homeland, while the theocratic, genocidal, imperialist, Moslem fascist terrorists of ISIS surrounded the base of the mount, intent upon killing each and every one of the Yezidis.

Indeed their plight aroused the sympathy of the world and the US and European countries enacted mercy flights of food and medicine to the trapped Yezidis atop Mt. Sinjar. In fact the US authorized air strikes to relive their siege. Again, it may be a wild leap of faith, but I’m going to assume that you Hamas cheer leaders ,enablers and apologists, found no fault with that.

Now here come the hard parts. Ready?

What is the difference between ISIS and Hamas?

And what is the difference between the Yezidis and the Jews of Israel?

I can hear the indignation!  How dare I compare ISIS to Hamas?!  First of all Hamas, unlike ISIS, which has murdered it’s way to power, is the duly elected representative of the Palestinian People in Gaza!


That, unfortunately, was the sound of Alex Trebeck  telling you that was the wrong answer.  In 2006 Hamas did indeed win elections for parliament . However Mahmoud Abbas was still president of the Palestine Authority, and the Palestine Authority, not Hamas, was still the ruler of both the West Bank and Gaza. Hamas, however, was not satisfied with winning parliamentary seats and in a bloodthirsty coup, machine gunned to death their fellow Palestinian soldiers of the Palestinian Authority. They lined them up against walls and machine gunned them. They shot their knee caps off while interrogating them. They blindfolded and bound them and pushed them off multistory buildings to gristly deaths. That’s how they seized power. by murdering their way into taking over Gaza. That, is how they have maintained power, through murderous terror. In the past three days, as of this writing, they have murdered some twenty five of their fellow Palestinians, without benefit of trial or even official charges having been brought against them. They just took them out into the streets and shot them. What was the crime? Suspicion of collaboration. Not proof mind you. Just grab someone who may disagree with you, say they’re a collaborator and summarily gun them down in the streets so everyone else will see and get the message as well.

Did you protest against those deaths by the way? Because, even by the Palestinians own numbers that’s more people killed than died at the hands of Israeli air strikes, during the same period. But I didn’t see any protest marches against those murders. Did I miss something? Were you really out there while I was distracted? Come on now…tell the truth. You didn’t protest, did you? How come? Was there a re run of the Voice that night? No?Well because those were collaborators, you say. They were JUSTIFIED in killing them in time of war. Were they? Would you justify killing anti Iraq war or Afghan war protestors in the west during time of war? And what about those original Palestinian soldiers they gunned down by the hundreds? Did you protest that? They weren’t collaborating with anyone but the Palestine Authority.

Yes, you might say, but you can’t compare a group that would behead an American journalist with….with what? A group that would order and carry out the kidnapping and murder of three school boys? Because that’s exactly what Hamas officials have finally admitted to doing.

Ahh yes, you stammer and stutter, contorting yourself in every direction to justify murdering the three boys, which was the way this whole horrible war started, according to Hamas’s own plan! Ahh yes, you say, but those boys were Settlers.

And what exactly does that mean?

"It means they were Jews living in lands the Palestinians claim for themselves!" you say laying that trump card, triumphantly on the table.

You know though , that’s a problem too.

Because 1.6 million “Palestinians” live inside Israel and enjoy full civil rights and complete equality. So much so in fact, that you can not find one Palestinian living in Israel, who wishes to trade their Israeli citizenship to be a “ citizen” of Hamas run Gaza. I defy you to find one….one in 1.6 million!

But while 1.6 million Palestinians can live in Israel, you seem to have no problem with the notion that NO Jew will be allowed to live in Palestine, should it ever become an independent state. It must instead, be judenrein…oh, sorry, that was the Nazi term. It must be Jew Free. And I don’t remember you ever protesting that one either.

Well that’s because the Jews stole the Palestinians' Land!

Bzzzt! There’s Alex again.

Israel unilaterally withdrew from every square inch of Gaza in 2005, and it used the Israeli army to uproot Jews by force , from their homes, farms, businesses, and places of worship to do it. If we did that to Palestinians you’d call us war criminals. But we did it to Jews, and we did it for one reason. To give peace a chance. The policy , in case you forgot or never knew, was called “ Gaza First” and it meant that if we could live in peace with a Palestinian entity in Gaza, which by treaty with the Palestinians , was to forever have been demilitarized, then that could be a template for the “ Two State Solution” a Palestinian State and a Jewish State living side by side in peace and security.

Okay, but, you sputter, I wasn’t talking about Gaza , I was talking about stealing the land on the West bank and besides, Gaza is under siege. You have a cruel blockade of Gaza that is strangling them!

BZZZTT. Thank you Alex.

As we withdrew from Gaza, on the day we were withdrawing, they began firing rockets at us. The so called siege is a sanctions regime meant to be a non lethal way, which I thought you would applaud, since it means, no war, no air strikes, no dead Palestinians, of trying to get the current Occupiers of Gaza to stop firing rockets at us! The US has had  a similar set of sanctions regime against Cuba for over half a century and I don’t recall a single rocket falling on US soil from Cuba. We’ve had almost twelve thousand rockets fired at us since 2005 when we ENDED the occupation of Gaza!

By the way, even during the current conflict hundreds of truckloads of humanitarian goods have been transferred per day into Gaza by Israel, which also continues to supply Gaza with the electricity it uses to make the rockets it fires at us!

As to the lands of the West Bank, both Gaza and the West Bank were annexed by Egypt and Jordan in 1948 and ruled by them for twenty years. Did anyone refer to those exact same lands as “ occupied territory “ in all that time. Did ONE Palestinian refer to the West Bank as Occupied territory prior to 1967?

In 1967 Jordan, despite Israel’s pleas  to that country to stay out of the war, attacked Israel…and they lost. Israel immediately offered to return almost all of the West Bank, and Jordan ,together with the other Arab states, issued the three “ no’s “. No recognition of Israel, no negotiation with Israel and no peace with Israel. Twenty years ago Israel signed the Oslo accords with the PLO and CREATED the Palestinian Authority and every Israeli government since then has said it would negotiate to create two states for two peoples. One for the Palestinian people and one for the Jewish People. The problem, and it is the main problem, is that NO Palestinian leader has agreed to recognize Israel as the Jewish State. That is of vital importance because if our “ partner “ does not recognize the legitimacy of the Jewish State as having a rightful place in the Middle East than what we will be negotiating will be nothing more than another cease fire in an ongoing war to destroy us and displace us with a Palestinian state from the Jordan river to the Sea, which is EXACTLY what Hamas proudly proclaims is its intent.

Moreover it’s charter makes it clear that it’s war is not just with the state of Israel but with the Jewish People. It’s charter says” We look forward to the fulfillment of the promise of Allah when Moslems will rise up and kill the Jews until the rocks and trees cry out , O’ Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him”. Or as Hamas spokesman Abu Odeh succinctly put it, “ We never target civilians. We only target Jews”.

So what is the difference between ISIS and Hamas?

Both state clearly that their goal is the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia law. Hamas does not just see the West Bank as Occupied territory, they see, and proudly proclaim, that Tel Aviv is occupied territory.

But what ought to get your attention is the fact that they see Spain as occupied territory as well…and parts of Italy and Europe up to the gates of Vienna, indeed any land that was ever under Moslem rule is “Occupied Territory” a violation of the Islamic Trust, occupied by infidels, which means each and every one of you non Moslem, Hamas apologists and enablers.

They simply want to START with us.

But they want to finish with you.

Both Hamas and ISIS murdered their way into power.

Both govern by terror.

Both are absolutely committed to carrying out genocide.

Both are theocratic, fascist, imperialistic, genocidal, terrorist organizations and armies.  What is the difference between the two?

The West has allowed the cancer that is ISIS to spread.

Israel and Egypt have contained the cancer that is Hamas in Gaza, and Israel is putting it into remission.

As for the Yezidis and Israel, what is the difference between them?

Both are ancient, aboriginal minorities, in a sea of Islamist fanatics, bent on annihilating them. The Yezidis went up onto Mt. Sinjar as a last refuge while the forces that would destroy them gathered around them for the final solution. We’ve been up on that mountain ourselves before.  

It was called Massada.

It was called Nazi Occupied Europe.

It was called Entebbe.

It was called Ma’a lot.

It is called Israel.

The only difference between us, is we have a country an an army with which to defend it.  And on the day when we are not stronger than the genocidal, theocratic, imperialist, fascist Islamist terrorists, bent on our destruction, we will be right up there on Mt. Sinjar with the Yezidis.

Don’t hold your breath.

Dan Gordon
Joe Six Pack Civillian