Thursday, October 25, 2012

My God Does Not Intend Rape. Does Yours?

“And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”
--Richard Mourdock, Indiana GOP Senate candidate

The above comment was Senator Mourdock's attempt to explain why abortion should not be made available to rape victims.

To be a little theological about it, strictly speaking, if you figure everything that happens "God intended" or "willed" then what do you do with the doctrine of "free will"? 

"Free will" is such an American concept, but also very directly a product of Judeo-Christian theology, in which Adam and Eve were free to follow God's command - "Do not eat that apple, you two!" - OR NOT. You see, God asked Adam and Eve not to eat the apple, but God did not prevent them.  God left the choice to them.  God's apparent desire that we have free will means that we have to make our own choices - and let others make their own choices.  Those of us who are religious believe we may have to answer to God, but not to Richard Mourdock or any other politician.

Do you think the snake might be the original politician? 

By the way, I love this art, don't you?  I can't find the artist.  If anyone knows who painted this, please let me know.  


  1. Biblical Nudes (Adam and Eve)

    Adam and Eve: 1531 from about halfway down the page on

    hope that helps, came across your blog from a Verizon nightmare blog from 2006.